Clinical trials are key to the development of new medical treatments and diagnostic tests to optimise health. However, recruitment is challenging and costly.

TorchRecruit is the answer.

TorchRecruit uses innovative technology to automatically identify trial eligible patients in general practices across Australia.

TorchRecruit is designed to accelerate patient recruitment, facilitating timely completion of trials and translation of findings to optimise health.

The problem

Between 5% and 15% of clinical trial costs are for recruitment

More than 80% of trials fail to enrol on time

One quarter of RCTs are prematurely discontinued, with poor recruitment a contributor in 76.1% of cases

The TorchRecruit difference

Increased efficiencies

TorchRecruit results in timely patient recruitment. No more casting the net wide in the hope of identifying a handful of eligible patients – TorchRecruit automatically searches and finds patients that fit the trial inclusion and exclusion criteria.

General practice is key

General practice – the contact point for provision of medical care to 85% of Australians annually – offers the opportunity for optimised patient recruitment that is not reliant on motivated patients, doctors, social media or small pools of patients at hospital clinical trial sites. The result is increased patient diversity and increased applicability.

Benefits for practice and patient

Patients and general practices gain earlier exposure to new medications and devices and increased access to specialist care. This builds on the trusted patient/general practice relationship.

Want to know more?

TorchRecruit is the contact point between sponsors, investigators and general practice. Our technology is installed remotely on servers in general practice. TorchRecruit is compatible with three main general practice electronic medical record systems, used by in excess of 90% of general practices nationally.

If you’re a researcher or trial sponsor and want to know more about how TorchRecruit can accelerate your trial recruitment, we invite you to get in touch.

About Us

TorchRecruit is delivered by The University of Melbourne. We’re a team of clinicians, methodologists, experts in general practice recruitment and computer scientists.



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Address: The University of Melbourne, Level 3, 780 Elizabeth St Melbourne Vic 3010